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180324; 2nd entry.
posted by Cik Nin Mac 24, 2018 0 comments

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum. It's 20:36 pm and I'm having a mental breakdown once again. It happened today. Not just mental breakdown but I feel shock at the same time. I thought my 2018 will be much better than last year but I can feel that this year will be the same as last year. I'm still in the mood to move on from what just happened during last year but another heartbreak is coming. I'm totally lost right now. I don't know how to react, and I don't know how should I continue my life after this.

How should I start this? Okay. I really want to know how other people feel and how they continue their daily life after having a broken family. I mean, how do they react on their parents divorce. I want to know that. This situation will happened to me. Yes. I know this will happen to me since my mom have make the decision. She were in Japan right now due to her works and she told me everything that she has endure it for a long time. She cries and I can't bear to hear it. It hurts me. DAMN HURTS! This is the most heartbreaking for me because I'm the first daughter and the first one to acknowledge about this before my siblings.

For me, if this is the best decision and the best for my mom and my siblings then I should agree with that even though its hard to accept. Ya Allah, please give me the strengths. I have to be strong.

To be honest, I can't type it anymore. I feel my hands is trembling and my legs is shaking. I can't think properly right now.

Dear friends who read my blog, please appreciate your parents. Sayang depa, ikut apa depa cakap. Kepada hangpa yang kedua parents still happy together, you should be thankful because tak semua orang rasa kebahagiaan yang hangpa kecapi sekarang. They actually feel jealous with you guys but they didn't show it. Saya doakan kedua parents hangpa bahagia sampai Jannah. :)

Till here. Assalam.
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