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posted by Nina Aqilah September 10, 2017 0 comments

Assalamualaikum. It's already September and guess what? It's my last month for my semester 4. Still have another 2 semester that I have to go through. By today, I will use English in my entry. Excuse my grammar or any writing error in my entry. Haha. I want to improve it by using English in my blog. No bashing. :)

Every person has their own memories or something that happened in their life and it is the WORST memories for them. For me, the worst thing that ever happened in my life is a broken family and friendship. My friendship is sailing since I was 8 years old till now. But these day, I could see that our friendship is getting worst. I don't know why that person were suddenly being cold with me. Did I make a mistake? NO. Do I treat her wrongly? I DON'T THINK SO. Oh. Forget to tell ya. We were studying in the same school since primary school, secondary school and now we are in the same college. Some people might say that we are lucky to be studying in the same college but it is not that exciting tbh. 

I don't think that person should treat me coldly right now because she had once treat me so damn wrong when I was in semester 2. How does she treat me at that moment? I'm not gonna write that as it will make me sad and angry at the same time when I remembered it back. Actually, we are not that close but if one of us has a problem, we will comfort each other. I'm not gonna say that she is my best friend or what because I already have one best friend and  I don't need more. Sorry to say.

So now, the problem is why the heck she's ignoring me and don't even bother to talk or ask me? I'm honestly upset everytime I saw her retweet on twitter. Mostly about her broken feelings and friendship. Does she even know about my feelings? Such a selfish person. I'm regret for being nice to her in last semester. I'm the one that she's looked for when she has a problem with her previous roommates and this is the way she say THANKS? Wow.

I feel so broken right now. I'm crying every night before sleep because crying will make me feel better. Now, both of us keep silence and don't even talk to each other. I'm more prefer to be silent rather than talk to her because if I do talk to her, I'm gonna let out something that might hurt her feelings. That's why I choose to keep silent and ignore her existence.

I will stop till here for today and I'll update new entry in the end of this month! Thanks for reading my blog. Bye peeps! <3

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